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Shipping & Delivery

Disclaimer: The following template was created by a lawyer ( in accordance with the typical requirements associated with an online shop. You should nevertheless only apply the template further to careful scrutiny and adaptation to your specific business model. In order to assist you in doing so, the following template contains additional notes that must be adhered to as well as red passages that require special attention and, where applicable, adaptation. Please delete the notes once you have worked your way through the template. Take legal advice if you are unsure about particular elements. Copyright: You are only permitted to use the template within the respective domain/website if the latter is covered by your Marketpress license. The passing on of this template to third parties (including customers, e.g. as developers) is prohibited.

Please note that shipping costs or at least the ways in which they are calculated (e.g. according to weight) need to be indicated for all countries you ship to.

If you only ship to specific countries you must inform your customers as such. You must also ensure that you only select those countries as shipping locations in your WooCommerce settings. You should not use clauses such as “Shipping costs to other countries only available on request”.

Prices, shipping costs and delivery information

The prices given on product pages are inclusive of statutory value-added tax (VAT) and other price components.

We only ship to addresses in Germany and Austria.

In addition to the product prices indicated we also charge flat-rate shipping costs for delivery within Germany and Austria [EUR 6.90 per order]. Shipping costs are communicated to you during the basket process and reconfirmed on the order page.

Customers who opt to pay cash on delivery will be charged an additional [EUR 2] fee payable to the local carrier. [No other taxes or fees are incurred.]

No shipping costs are incurred in connection with digital content (e.g. e-books, software, etc.).

[Note to traders: The following passage is essential if you charge flat-rate shipping costs. If you do not the passage can be deleted]

Shipping costs are charged at a flat rate of EUR [VALUE] and are inclusive of statutory value-added tax (VAT). The fact that the amount of VAT included in shipping costs is calculated on the basis of the goods purchased means that it may decrease if the goods purchased are subject to a lower rate of VAT (e.g. books). This, in turn, means that definitive shipping costs can only be calculated during the order process. As it is not permitted for them to increase they will only be adjusted to your benefit (i.e. reduced).

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